Florida Republican Congressman Dupes Banks For Mortgages — In Violation of Federal Law

Mortgage fraud happens when someone intentionally confuses, lies or omits information when they apply for a mortgage. This can be done by lenders and borrowers alike. In Florida, there is a specific statute that covers mortgage fraud. However, in many cases, prosecution is done on a federal level.

Infinity Mortgage Group Florida in Melbourne , FL INFINITY MORTGAGE GROUP FLORIDA, LLC is a business entity registered at Colorado Secretary of State. The business entity ID is 20171057227. The address is 200 S. Harbor City Blvd., Suite 202, Melbourne, FL 32901, US

Republican Diaz-Balart’s Claim of Two ‘Primary Residences’ in Miami and D.C. Violates Federal Lending Rules. By Grant Stern. An eight-term florida congressman, Mario Diaz-Balart, claimed both his Miami and District of Columbia homes as primary residences on mortgages inside the same calendar year, which strongly appears to be in violation of federal criminal law.

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Mr. Ferrer commended the investigators for their hard work and dedication in this long term investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, and State of Florida’s Office of Financial Regulation.

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I was reading about the companies in Florida which are being sued for charging these fees. Does the Florida law only apply to Florida companies? No. The statute applies to ALL companies, regardless of where they are located, if they are assisting a consumer who owns real property in the State of Florida or if the companies are located in Florida.

This is a scalable context timeline. It contains events related to the event April 9, 1996: Expert: FBI’s Low-Key Approach with Freemen Precisely What They Should Be Doing’.You can narrow or broaden the context of this timeline by adjusting the zoom level.

Palm Beach County Mortgage Fraud Task Force Brings Charges Against 15 Defendants for Lying to Banks to Get Money U.S. Attorney’s office october 13, 2009 Southern District of Florida (305) 961-9001

Republican Bill Archer sponsored HIPAA in 1996, which imposed a Soviet-style exit tax on expatriating Americans (namely, a presumption of tax avoidance if an expatriate’s five-year average net income tax exceeded $100,000, or if the expatriate’s net worth was $500,000 or more). Harassing expats is a Republican specialty.

Malachi Smith’s List: NWO-USA . Now I don’t for a second believe that Cynthia McKinney has the brains, savoir faire, skill, experience, strength, or intestinal fortitude to be a competent President of the United States, and I know that Rosa is a joke, but I would rather vote for two jack-dumb loyal constitutionalists willing to fight rather than a slick, smooth talking sell-out Illuminati.

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