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Radon "Questions and Misconceptions" Section. Answer: Radon levels are typically higher in the winter. Therefore the best time to test and determine if you have a radon problem is during the heating season. Another option is to find your yearly average exposure to radon by doing a long term test, lasting one year.

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Herndon Home Inspections utilizes active, continuous radon monitors (CRM) to perform radon testing A short-term test (48 hours) is the normal test period for a real estate transaction. Our devices afford the ability to download and analyze the data immediately following the measurement period, giving you the information you need without.

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Radon may not be the first thing you think of when you consider potential hazards in your home. But according to the environmental protection agency, radon gas causes 20,000 deaths from lung cancer each year in America. Luckily, there are steps you can take to limit your radon exposure. Get.

Providing the Assurance You Need When Buying a Home – Locally owned and operated for over 20 years – New york state licensed Certified Pesticide Technician Broome County Septic System Inspector Services Offered: – General (Whole House) Inspection $325 Written Report – Walk Through Inspections $150 No Report – Septic Dye Test $100 – Pest/Termite Inspection $100 – Water Analysis $50 Plus Lab Fee.

When it comes to getting a home inspection, it is important that your home does not fail. What do you get with a home inspection? A professional home inspection will offer you an unbiased and independent view of any issues with your home, as well as their proposed solutions, which will ensure that you have the facts necessary to make an informed decision moving forward with your home.

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